Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gearing Up

I am mentally getting ready, Adam and I leave Tuesday morning for GEORGIA! We both are so excited to go. We are going to spend the first half of the week with Adam's Uncle and Aunt, who we both LOVE! Then Friday, we are going to drive up to my sister's. My brother and his family will be there too. I love that we all are going to get to be together!
The last two times has been because someone died, this time, not the case! We are so lucky to have such awesome family! We are going to have a blast celebrating the 4th of July, AND all of our birthdays!! Mine is first, 4 days later my brother's, and 4 days after that, Ashley's!!
All that to say, I've got to get us, the house, and the dogs ready for our trip. Precious Kristen will be coming to keep our babies...lots to do, better get started!

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