Sunday, June 27, 2010

Gearing Up

I am mentally getting ready, Adam and I leave Tuesday morning for GEORGIA! We both are so excited to go. We are going to spend the first half of the week with Adam's Uncle and Aunt, who we both LOVE! Then Friday, we are going to drive up to my sister's. My brother and his family will be there too. I love that we all are going to get to be together!
The last two times has been because someone died, this time, not the case! We are so lucky to have such awesome family! We are going to have a blast celebrating the 4th of July, AND all of our birthdays!! Mine is first, 4 days later my brother's, and 4 days after that, Ashley's!!
All that to say, I've got to get us, the house, and the dogs ready for our trip. Precious Kristen will be coming to keep our babies...lots to do, better get started!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

magic rice

Sunday night, we went swimming and fishing with some of our great friends.
While fishing, Beckham (my favorite 2 year old) picked up my camera and threw in into the pond.

Adam ran in to be my hero, after about 10 minutes of looking he found it.
We quickly ran inside and dropped it into a bucket of rice.
Two days later, it WORKS!

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Kind Diet/Life

Picked up a this book today at Borders. The rain kept me away from the pool so to the bookstore I went.
My Dad recently went vegan, for his diabetes, and has had amazing results. His blood sugar numbers have all improved, not to mention weight loss, skin improvements, and overall higher levels of energy. My Dad has always been a meat eater and dairy consumer. So when I heard he was going vegan it was hard to believe, but only a few weeks later, huge improvements!
I watched Alicia on Oprah back in January and was interested in her book, so I finally picked it up. After reading about how our meat is treated, slaughtered, and then it's cleanliness by the time we get it, I was disgusted! Seriously! Meat does not sound good!
There are so many benefits to going vegan, and I have seen it work for my Dad.....
So for now, I'm tossing around the idea....and I will be visiting Akin's this week! Wishing Whole Foods was already built, Can't wait!

Rain's raining! Meaning it will probably be a crummy day! I am always happiest with a giant dose of vitamin D. Seriously.

Even my rockers look sad, they like sunshine too!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Surprise Birthday Party for my Mom

Friday, Adam and I drove to Texas to throw a surprise birthday party for my Mom. Regardless of what she says.....she was surprised!!

However, getting to this moment wasn't the easiest for me......and therefore by proxy- Adam!
The whole trip from our house to the party was CRAZY! The traffic on 35 was gross, and we ended up taking back roads almost the whole way. I was not pumped about that, as most anyone who know me knows, I don't travel well by car!! After we finally arrive in the DFW area (might I add Friday at 5pm-ahhh Rush hour), we are so far behind schedule it wasn't even funny. We quickly go and get balloons, the cake I had pre-ordered, and flowers. The cake was WRONG, but I had to take what they had because there was literally NO time to fix it, and between the balloon store and the cake place, a giant $10 balloon burst in the car...I was quickly approaching my limit. When we headed to the restaurant, we only had about 10 minutes to get there and traffic was of course bumper to bumper. I am arranging a floral arrangement in the car, and one of the tulips breaks off, and that was it....the straw that broke the camel's back. I instantly turn into a toddler and let out a tantrum.....crying, and so frustrated that everything was "falling apart!" Magically, Adam got us there with time to spare and my Aunt Kim pulls up right by us, quickly helps us unload and set up the table inside. After everything was done and I had returned to the land where adults don't break down into crocodile tears, Aunt Kim pulls me aside and asks.....Um....are you pregnant, because your hormones are a little crazy!? I quickly assured her that I'm not preggo, and luckily within 15 minutes of people arriving I had forgotten everything that had been wrong and just enjoyed the party!

Family Picture, with Mom and Dad, Uncle Ken & Aunt Kim, my brother Bryan and his wife Joanna, Adam and me. We sure missed The Joyner's!

Happy Birthday Mom!
I Love You!!