Saturday, August 21, 2010

Genetic's Counselor Visit

On Friday, Adam and I went to the genetics counselor. We were referred to this doctor because Adam has a first cousin who has Down Syndrome. Our doctor asked us if we wanted to run a bunch of tests to determine if the baby was down, and we opted not to. If we found out for some reason the baby had Down Syndrome we would not abort, so what did it really matter if we knew?! So instead she suggested going to see the genetics counselor they can determine a lot of issues with their fancy ultrasound machines. Dr. W wanted to be as prepared as possible if there was something to be prepared for.
Our appointment went great, they took some blood, some information, and then it was movie time. The doctors office was awesome, I got to sit in a fancy recliner/bed type thing, and on the wall in front of me, a GIANT flat screen to watch everything. The ultrasound lasted about 30 minutes, here are some of the highlights!

The doctor told us that everything looked perfect, so perfect in fact he printed out several pictures for himself and said he was going to use them for the recertification board on their machines! Of course that thrilled us and made us feel like our baby is already some kind of genius!! Can't believe we have to wait until March to meet this little nugget baby...can't wait!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

We're Pregnant!

It's true, super exciting news for the Toler's!
March 3rd, hopefully.....there will be a new baby in OUR HOUSE! Love it. I found out the day before Father's Day, so I had to keep the secret all day, and on Sunday morning, Father's Day, I broke the news to Adam. Here's how the convo went...

Me: Guess What?
Adam: What??
Me: You're going to be a Daddy, Happy Father's Day!
Adam: No way! I Don't believe you...

I get the pregnancy test, and the box so he can verify and hand it over,
here was his face...

After looking at the test, then back to the box,
then back at the test I get this response

Adam: Well baby, I'm going to do the right thing. (he was smirking as he was saying this, like he had been planning that line for years)
Me: (Speechless)

Who responds like this? Adam, that's who! And that is one of the reasons I love him. We are almost 12 weeks, and have been to see our precious Dr. W two times. I am so lucky how much I love my doctor, she is awesome.
We go to a genetics counselor on Friday, hopefully I will have some pics of Baby to post then! I have already had an ultrasound, but we didn't get any pics to bring home, bummer. Only one baby (thank goodness), and everything looks great, we are blessed!