Friday, November 6, 2009

Starburst, Skittles, & Starbucks, OH MY!

Earlier this month, my sister Ashley and I decorated Tony Morgan's office. He is new on their church staff in Georiga. Jokingly, Ash and I told him they we accepted payment in the form of Starburst, Skittles, and Starbucks! Well, Today I got a package in the mail....
who from?? none other than Tony...and what was in it....

Ashley got a bunch of Starbursts, Diet Coke, and a Restaurant Gift Card!
Just wanted to say a big public thanks to Tony!!!

Homemade Pillows

The last few days, the sewing machine and I have spent some quality time together!! Not all good, darn my cheap singer, but alteast I can work it :)

I made some fall pillows. I invested in some great Potterybarn down pillow inserts, and just change the covers. I didn't have any "fallish" pillows, so I went out, got some great fabrics and went to work!

The green fabric is one I already had from a previous project, I added the cute giraffe ribbon, and voila!
The floral fabric is actually NAPKINS from pier 1. They were $2.95 each, and I got two, backed them with brown denim, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Next is the brown and cream polkadot......I got this fabric at Hobby Lobby! And it was 30% off!! In the back on the other red chair I have an all brown denim pillow, with cute ruffles on it! I love all the cute ruffles that are super trendy right now, so I made myself a cute pillow....but FYI, its not super comfy, therefore; it's found a home on the chair that we don't usually sit in :)

Happy Friday!

Hopeful Dozen

Do you see it????? There's Daddy watching from the water. and Mama on her way...No, then I'll zoom in.

How about now?? I know you can see the mama!!

Now! Im sure you know what I'm talking about! NO? look closer!

Ahhh! There they are 12 baby ducklings ready to hatch!!! So cute! Can't wait to see them :) Hope the snakes don't have themselves a pre Thanksgiving day snack!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to ADAM!

October 30th is Adam's Birthday....This year he turned 27, I'm so glad that I have been there to celebrate with him for the last five years, Amazing! More than just the past five years, I'm so glad he is here to be celebrating. Adam almost died when he was born, he had a collapsed lung, along with being a month early, and other problems. He was born via c-section, handed to his mom, and they told her to hold him and love him because He probably wouldn't make it. Completely terrifying!!!!! She did, and then they medi-flighted Adam and his dad to Columbus Ohio for emergency surgery and thankfully he made it through, each day getting stronger and stronger! and now 27 years later the BEST HUSBAND a girl could ask for!
I, along with others pooled our money and bought him a giant tool chest. We still have to go and pick it up, but he was pumped when he found out! I wish I could have surprised him with it, but I couldn't go and pick it up (seriously its huge) so I needed him to help me, so we are going to get it later on in the week.
I felt bad that he wouldn't have an actual present to open, so I went and got him an outfit

...and we went to dinner with his precious parents, we ate at our favorite place (mickey mantles) and had a great night!

We wanted to spend the night with his parents because they leave this week for a month. Adam's dad is a GS for the Church of the Nazarene and is currently over South America, so they will be traveling there to do church work. We are so lucky have such incredible examples to follow in our lives!!!

Happy 27th Adam, I LOVE YOU!

Go Broncho's

A couple of weeks ago, Adam and I went out to support his High School Football team, The Bethany Broncho's!
Sean, one of Adam's very best friends is on the Broncho coaching staff, so we were there to really support him! We sat in the freezing cold, cheering on the team...and it was great! We sat with Amy (one of my bf's) and Baby Beckham.
Sean's family, and countless people we knew...sometimes being in a smaller town isn't the best, but honestly there are way more pro's than con's. Even though it was freezing, being out there with people you know and love, can't help but give you the warm fuzzies! (as my Honey would say)
Sorry Meek, you didn't quite make the whole pic!!!

bad, bad blogger!

I have been such a bad bad blogger! No excuses, just a bad blogger!
I went two weeks ago to my sister's in Georgia. There I helped her work on some projects she has been working on. We finished out a pastor's office at her church,
decorated a man's house top to bottom with donations and thrift store finds, (no pics, I forgot! but this man has been living with my sister, his home was destroyed by a flood and left him with nothing....he truly had joy in his heart, and was so thankful to God for a roof over his head and donations, he was so complimentary of our work and I know we were there to help him and decorate home, but honestly we were the ones that were blessed)
We worked on some installation at her husband's paper mill.
I should have taken more pictures of what we actually did at the mill, and not just goofing around in Andy's office! The machines there are super cool and extra complicated! I wish I had a pic of the machine up and running, but I left my camera in the office while I was on my machine tour! Oh well, maybe next trip...(which will hopefully be super soon, already missing all the Joyner's)
We did get to have lots of fun while we weren't working....we went to IKEA
(oh the greatness that is self timer) we took the boys to Home Goods (and they were so good the whole time)
and of course Ash had to take me to SWOOZIES! I have heard all about it and was dying to go, it was a paper paradise...they had lots of stuff to personalize, invitations, bags, jewelry, gifts, and LOTS OF OTHER STUFF! It was great, I loved it!
Im so lucky to have such an amazing sister, and I love her precious husband, Andy, and all their kiddo's , Annabel, Taylor, William, & Bennett!!