Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to ADAM!

October 30th is Adam's Birthday....This year he turned 27, I'm so glad that I have been there to celebrate with him for the last five years, Amazing! More than just the past five years, I'm so glad he is here to be celebrating. Adam almost died when he was born, he had a collapsed lung, along with being a month early, and other problems. He was born via c-section, handed to his mom, and they told her to hold him and love him because He probably wouldn't make it. Completely terrifying!!!!! She did, and then they medi-flighted Adam and his dad to Columbus Ohio for emergency surgery and thankfully he made it through, each day getting stronger and stronger! and now 27 years later the BEST HUSBAND a girl could ask for!
I, along with others pooled our money and bought him a giant tool chest. We still have to go and pick it up, but he was pumped when he found out! I wish I could have surprised him with it, but I couldn't go and pick it up (seriously its huge) so I needed him to help me, so we are going to get it later on in the week.
I felt bad that he wouldn't have an actual present to open, so I went and got him an outfit

...and we went to dinner with his precious parents, we ate at our favorite place (mickey mantles) and had a great night!

We wanted to spend the night with his parents because they leave this week for a month. Adam's dad is a GS for the Church of the Nazarene and is currently over South America, so they will be traveling there to do church work. We are so lucky have such incredible examples to follow in our lives!!!

Happy 27th Adam, I LOVE YOU!

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