Sunday, November 1, 2009

bad, bad blogger!

I have been such a bad bad blogger! No excuses, just a bad blogger!
I went two weeks ago to my sister's in Georgia. There I helped her work on some projects she has been working on. We finished out a pastor's office at her church,
decorated a man's house top to bottom with donations and thrift store finds, (no pics, I forgot! but this man has been living with my sister, his home was destroyed by a flood and left him with nothing....he truly had joy in his heart, and was so thankful to God for a roof over his head and donations, he was so complimentary of our work and I know we were there to help him and decorate home, but honestly we were the ones that were blessed)
We worked on some installation at her husband's paper mill.
I should have taken more pictures of what we actually did at the mill, and not just goofing around in Andy's office! The machines there are super cool and extra complicated! I wish I had a pic of the machine up and running, but I left my camera in the office while I was on my machine tour! Oh well, maybe next trip...(which will hopefully be super soon, already missing all the Joyner's)
We did get to have lots of fun while we weren't working....we went to IKEA
(oh the greatness that is self timer) we took the boys to Home Goods (and they were so good the whole time)
and of course Ash had to take me to SWOOZIES! I have heard all about it and was dying to go, it was a paper paradise...they had lots of stuff to personalize, invitations, bags, jewelry, gifts, and LOTS OF OTHER STUFF! It was great, I loved it!
Im so lucky to have such an amazing sister, and I love her precious husband, Andy, and all their kiddo's , Annabel, Taylor, William, & Bennett!!

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