Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dreaming of an OKC ikea!

This next weekend, Adam and I will be going to Dallas to keep my brothers THREE precious little boys. Jason, Kyle, and Joshua. We had them a whole week this summer, and are looking forward to a weekend with them again. I got to visit them this past weekend while I was in Dallas with my family (Adam had gone to Nashville for a business meeting and I didn't want to stay alone for three days) My brother brought his boys over (his wife had gone out of town too) my poor parents......they thought all the kids had left?! What a weekend it had been, four adults, three little boys cooped up in the house because it rained ALL weekend...and FIVE dogs. My parents have three, and I have two (I couldn't leave them home all alone!) I'm sure when we all left they smiled!

long ramble later....back to next weekend, not only am I super excited to see Jason, Kyle, and Joshua...but also really excited that they only live about 10 minutes from IKEA!! I think I love it so much because I can't drive up the street and visit one here. I do love their super affordable stuff, and the endless options you can create with in the store. Adam promised me he would take the boys to a movie saturday afternoon so I can go to ikea for a couple of hours! What a precious husband!
I do know that ikea is a franchise, so maybe someone with some pull around here (OKC) can talk to some money and get someone to invest! I'm sure it would do awesome with all the local schools in the area. If not at least I have a reason to go to Dallas every few months!

Im still having lots of fun making cards...I made this mailer for fall

and this cute staionary for myself

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